Our philosophy is that computer skills alone are not enough. You need someone with empathy, good communication and social skills. You should come away feeling confident that you understood pretty much everything we said. Above all, you should feel that you were treated with respect. Everything else is secondary.

Computer Repair

Many things can affect a computer system. Often, what is suspected to be the cause tends to be just a symptom of the true underlying problem. Our goal is to determine a cost-effective way to repair your computer without the loss of data. Given the costs of computers these days, it’s important to know your options in order to make an informed decision. These days, we focus and specialize primarily in Apple Macintosh computers.

Data Recovery

Every year, over 30% of consumers will suffer from a hard drive crash: All your files, pictures and music can disappear in an instant. Rather than asking ourselves, "How did this happen," we need to focus on, "What should I do right away when my computer crashes?" A dying computer can be a ticking time-bomb; knowing what to do when it explodes can be a life saver.