AD&D 1st Ed. Player Character Generator

These rules are gathered from the 1st Edition version of the Dungeon Masters Guide (DMG) and Player's Handbook (PH). While there are other generators out there, I haven't found any that favor the 1st (and best, if not classic) version. Method IV is not utilized here, as it somewhat defeats the purpose of automation. Remember: "The premise of the game is that each player character is above average - at least in some respects - and has superior potential. Furthermore, it is usually essential to the character's survival to be exceptional (with a rating of 15 or above) in no fewer than two ability characteristics." - PH, pg 9. Attributes are rolled based on three methods (DMG, pg 11):

Method I: All scores are recorded and arranged in the order the player desires. 4d6 are rolled, and the lowest die (or one of the lower) is discarded.
Method II: All scores are recorded and arranged as in Method I. 3d6 are rolled 12 times and the highest 6 scores are retained.
Method III: Scores rolled are according to each ability category, in order, STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, DEXTERITY, CONSTITUTION, CHARISMA. 3d6 are rolled 6 times for each ability, and the highest score in each category is retained for that category. If using Method III, the following additional information can be used to generate your character scores:

Desired Race: cf: Penalties and Bonuses for Race, PH pg 14.

Desired Class: cf: Character Age, DMG pgs 12-13.

Desired Gender: (not implemented yet) cf: Character Race Table III: Ability Score Miniums & Maximums, PH pg 15.